Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning

mold remediation

What’s in your ducts? Over time, the air ducts in your home collect dust, dead bugs, dust mites, small toys, pet dander, construction debris, allergies, etc. Using our state-of-the-art truck-mounted vacuum system, our technicians will eradicate this buildup from your dryer vents and air ducts. Using a turbo cyclonic brush to clean the vents and ducts, preventing allergens and dust.

Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning Pricing:

  • Air Duct Cleaning (Covers up to 15 vents) – $250 (Min)
  • Each Additional Vent – $15
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning – $85 ($35 if you have additional services scheduled the same day)
  • Air Duct Sanitation – Call for pricing!